Bnei Rachel Yeshiva

"The boys return home..."

"This is very honorable ... near the holy tomb ... to build .. holy institutions .. a kibbutz of wise students ... to revive the land .." (Rabbi Kook ztl.)

About us

Bnei Rachel Yeshiva is a high yeshiva located near Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem, which educates its students in the spirit of Rabbi Kook to work for the people of Israel and the Land of Israel from the Torah of Israel.


The yeshiva currently has about 40 students and about 40 students. A Jewish community has sprung up around the yeshiva, connected to the yeshiva, where Ramim, students and the yeshiva staff live.

Staff Yeshiva

Rabbi Yossi Mashriki

Rabbi shiur alef

Rabbi Eli Elkelsi

Rosh Yeshiva

The Jewish community in Bethlehem

After the accommodation was approved, a "Bnei Rachel" yeshiva was established. Students began sleeping in a yeshiva on weekdays, Saturdays, high holidays, and holidays. Around the yeshiva, a Jewish community has sprung up, connected to the yeshiva, where the Ramim, the students and the yeshiva staff live. Today, the Jewish community in the yeshiva complex numbers twelve families.