Bnei Rachel Yeshiva

"ושבו בנים לגבולם"

"The very thing is very honorable that there should be an estate for Israel near the aforementioned holy and beloved tomb, and especially if it is possible to build in its name some holy institutions worthy of this place, such as gathering of Talmidim Tzadikim engaged in Torah and prayer. Of course, the thing that is necessary with this is that there should be a yeshuve, settlement. to grow and sou and revive the land" (Rabbi Kook zt"l)

About us

Bnei Rachel Yeshiva is located near Rachel’s Tomb in the hart of  Bethlehem. the city of strength and dynasty  Our Yeshiva educates its students in the spirit of Rabbi Kook, with combining our contribution to people of Israel to the Land of Israel under the guidance of the Torah of Israel.

The yeshiva currently has  60 students. kolel halacha pre army programs and shiurim for bale batim.
furthermore we foster a Jewish community, the only one in this area for centuries, around the yeshiva, where rabbis, students and the yeshiva staff live.


Rabbi Yossi Mashriki

Rabbi shiur alef

Rabbi Eli Elkelsi

Rosh Yeshiva

The Jewish community in Bethlehem

After the accommodation was approved, The "Bnei Rachel" yeshiva was established. Students began sleeping in the yeshiva on weekdays, Shabbat, and holidays. Around the yeshiva, a Jewish community has sprung up, where rabbis, students and yeshiva staff live. Today, the Jewish community in Betlehem, whuch is all arount the yeshiva includes twelve families, for the first time in centuries.